what are different types of THC

4 Different Types Of THC For All The Marijuana Enthusiasts

An overview of different types of THC in a nut shell- learn the different effects and benefits

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the main chemical that is found inside marijuana and is responsible for creating psychological effects. When a person smokes or consumes marijuana or any of its derivatives, the THC binds itself to the cannabinoid receptors of the brain. These receptors are responsible for time perception, pleasure, memory, thinking, and coordination.

THC also stimulates the brain to promote the production and flow of hormones such as dopamine, which causes pleasurable effects in its user. In addition to THC, there are several other chemicals that are found in the marijuana plant and they are also responsible for inducing a range of effects both positive and negative.

As a result of modern technology and continued research, scientists have been able to separate THC from the other chemicals and hence produced derivatives such as Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, Delta THC-O. These derivatives are legal in the majority of the states, and they offer several medicinal and positive effects without causing harm to the user. Let us learn below about the differences between these derivatives.

Delta 8 THC

  • Delta 8 is new and highly popular, primarily because of its low THC content. It has a THC level of 0.3% which makes sure that it is devoid of all the negative side effects such as hallucinations, feeling out of place, nausea, headaches, and hangovers.

Delta 8 is widely available in several forms such as vape, oil, gummies, and beverages. Delta 8 is being widely used by people for anxiety, nausea, joint pain, bouts of depression, and to prevent vomiting during cancer treatments. If you’ve taken Delta 8, you will test positive for THC in a urine analysis.

Delta 9 THC

  • Delta 9 is more potent than Delta 8. It has a THC level of above 3% which means that users can experience some side effects such as losing the perception of time, or difficulty remembering things. Delta 9 is most suited for users who have previous experience of using marijuana.

With Delta 9, the effects are stronger, instantaneous, and rapid. Delta 9 is also available as vape, beverages, and oils. Most states have legalized the sale and use of Delta 9. Be careful when using Delta 9 because it will show up on your urine test.

different types of THCDelta 10 THC

  • Very little research has been done on Delta 10. This is because it exists in trace amounts and has been very difficult to synthesize. Most manufacturers did not consider it feasible enough and hence focused on just Delta 8 and Delta 9. There are a few manufacturers that consider it worthwhile to produce and sell Delta 10 because of its increasing demand.

Users of Delta 10 reported that it feels less potent than Delta 9 but the positive effects are somewhat different than Delta 8. Delta 10 offers an amazing euphoric sensation without causing anxiety and paranoia. Delta 10 shows up on the urine test therefore it is advised to check with your local state law.

Delta THC-O

  • It is 3 times more potent than Delta 9 and 5 times more potent than Delta 8. THC-O is short for THC-O-Acetate and it is a very powerful psychedelic. It works rapidly by binding to the CB1 receptors in the brain and produces stronger effects.

THC-O does not become active until it is fully processed by the liver and hence it is classed as a prodrug. The onset of effects takes about an hour and peak experience is achieved within 20 minutes. As a result of its potent nature, it is advised to wait before taking a second dose, otherwise, a trip to the ER will become a strong possibility.

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