how to unclog a delta 8 cart

5 Quick Fixes To Unclog A Delta 8 Cart

Unclog a Delta 8 cart like a pro – 5 quick and effective solutions

Unclogging A Delta 8 Cart

  • Vape carts are filled with Delta 8 or other hemp extract forms. These extracts are generally thick and sticky; therefore, clogging can occur if not maintained properly. When the vaporizer heats up, the extract becomes thinner and flows freely through the vape cart. 

However, the oil becomes thick and may even clog when the extract cools down. Thus, resulting in unsatisfying drags. Nevertheless, when this happens, opt for the following quick fixes:

Identify The Clog

  • Identify the location of the clog before you try to fix your clogged cart. The clog could be inside the cart or in the mouthpiece. If the obstruction is inside the mouthpiece, use a small cotton swab or tweezers to clear it away. 

However, if the residue is sticky, you must use alcohol to unclog the mouthpiece. Avoid rubbing alcohol and use a cotton swab dipped in drinking alcohol to dissolve the clog. If the clog doesn’t remove with a swab, it is present beyond the surface level. Move on to the next step.

Take Rapid And Forceful Puffs

  • The common approach for dislodging the clog is puffing on the vape. However, if that doesn’t work, take a few forceful and quick puffs to create a wiggling effect that helps loosen the clog. If the clog still doesn’t budge, proceed with the next technique.

Poke With A Toothpick

  • Use a toothpick or a safety pin to poke the vaporizer’s mouthpiece for stubborn clogs carefully. This will help break up the residues jamming your Delta 8 cart. Avoid forcing the toothpick through the mouthpiece, as it can damage the unit.

Activate The Preheat Option

  • If your vape offers a preheat option, turn it on to allow the vaporizer to heat up. Heating the oil causes it to become thinner, allowing it to flow freely and making the unclogging process easier. 

However, if your vape does not have a preheat function, press the firing button at 2-3 seconds intervals. Repeat this several times to see if the clog has dislodged. Avoid pressing the button for too long, as this could burn the coils, creating an unpleasant taste even if you successfully unclog the device.

Warm The Vape

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If internal heating fails to loosen the clog, it means the clog may not be near the internal heating mechanism. In this case, carefully heat the vape externally by following these steps:

  • Disconnect the vape cart from the battery
  • Gently warm the cartridge using a hairdryer. Avoid heating the battery.
  • Alternatively, a warm towel wraps the cartridge for a few minutes.
  • Next, try to puff on the cartridge to dislodge the clog without pressing the firing button or reconnecting the battery.

These quick fixes should help you unclog your Delta-8 cartridge, allowing you to enjoy the remaining extract.

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