Here in Indiana and many other states marijuana is illegal. We needed something that was legal, safe and had similar effects and benefits of the Illegal stuff. I Andy, CEO of The Delta 8 Shop came upon Delta 8 THC a legal derivate of the Hemp plant. After trying it I realized this is exactly what I was looking for. It helped with my back pain and helped me reduce stress and anxiety without the paranoia and being to high to function. I got super excited about Delta 8 THC and want other people like me, that do not want to break the law but able to have something that produces the desirable effects of the Illegal THC.

My Family and I created The Delta 8 Shop to share our experiences with this amazing product to the rest of the US. If you live in a State where marijuana is illegal or just want to try something a little more mellow please browse the store and try one of our amazing, game changer Delta 8 Products.

Delta 8 is chock-full with medicinal values that help fight panic and anxiety, combat nausea and vomit, stimulate appetite, and acts as a mild painkiller. It also delivers support for nerve cells and has been known to have cancer cells self-destruct.

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