how does delta 8 thc feel

How Does the Use of Delta 8 THC Feel Like?

delta 8 thc feelHere’s what consumers have to say about  ‘how does the use of Delta 8 THC feel like?’

Interested in consuming Delta 8? Do you know how it will make you feel?  Well, let us explore the effects of consuming Delta 8 and how a Delta 8 THC high feels like.

Delta 8 THC is new to the world of cannabis. Its popularity graph is rising day by day. Delta 8 does make you feel high but not as high as Delta 9.

Every person has a different body mechanism and its reaction to external substances can vary. Similarly, the reaction of every person’s body to Delta 8 THC will be different from others. In short,  there will be variations in the kind of high you feel after consuming Delta 8. It also varies, if you are a first-time user or an experienced one. Your body weight and muscles are a determining factor in terms of how high you will feel after consuming Delta 8.

Effects of Delta 8 THC – First Timer Vs Experienced Consumer

  • For novice consumers, delta 8 THC might feel quite high and intensive. Effects can be sometimes so overwhelming that they can be difficult for the consumer to manage. For this particular reason, people are advised to go slow in consuming it, if they are first-time users.
  • In contrast to these users, the ones who are already accustomed to Delta 9 or are regular consumers of Delta 8; will not get as affected as novel consumers. Delta 8 THC will not have any significant impact on them.
  • Consuming Delta 8 might induce hunger pangs. It is advised that you take in some food before consuming it. Delta 8 provides its consumers with a relaxing and calming effect. It may also relieve all your pains and inflammations.

Delta 8 is relaxing, mood-boosting, not overwhelmingly intoxicating. It is motivating, energizing, especially when consumed at lower doses. When consumed at higher doses, it can have a sleep-inducing effect on some people.

How Does  Delta 8 High Differ From Delta 9 High?

  • Both these THC’s work in the same way on your body. However, the way they react differs completely from the other. While Delta 8 might help you numb your pain and provide you with a relaxing and calming effect, Delta 9 does not. Delta 9 on the other hand can cause anxiety paranoia and hallucinations.

Delta 8 THC also makes you feel supercharged and full of energy, while it is the opposite in the case of Delta 9.

How Long will the Effects of Delta 8 Last?

  • 30 minutes after the consumption, you will start experiencing the effects of Delta 8 and they usually last for 1.5 to 2 hours: provided that you do not consume any further. After this, they start to wane.

Once again, it is important to mention here that a person’s biochemistry and physiology also play a key role in determining the kind of feeling he or she will get after consuming Delta 8. Amount and concentration of delta 8 is also a factor that determines the effects and how you will feel. There will also be a difference in the effects experienced by an occasional user and a regular user.

Delta 8 THC is safer than Delta 9, yet it is advised to start with a small dose. If you are looking forward to Delta 8, then hurry up and browse through the website The Delta 8 THC Shop and enjoy the best deals.

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