delta 8 thc side effects and benefits

Delta 8 THC Side effects vs benefits

delta 8 thc side effectsBelow are some of the most common delta 8 THC side effects and benefits

Delta-8 THC is an effective natural cannabinoid that is becoming more and more popular all over the world for recreational and medical use. It also has psychotropic properties because of the fact that it is derived from the hemp plant. It is most commonly used because of its mellow effects and calming and relaxing properties. Delta-8 THC has been linked with a series of benefits because of which it is prescribed by doctors all over the world for the treatment of a plethora of diseases.

There are Delta-8 THC guides available online which can help you in determining the safe dosage and usage patterns. These guides ensure that you will not suffer any of the side effects that are associated with delta-8 THC usage that will be discussed later. But before that, we will talk about some of the most common benefits of delta-8 THC below;

Benefits of Delta 8 THC

  • Recent researches have shown that the consumption of delta-8 THC delivers a large number of benefits because of which it is used as a treatment for a number of diseases and disorders. With that being said, here are some of the most common benefits of delta-8 THC;

Pain Management and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • According to various clinical studies, delta-8 THC diminishes pain and inflammation which can commonly be caused by a lot of serious injuries. Consuming delta-8 THC allows you to tolerate and in some cases manage and even relieve the nagging pain that can be caused by injuries or other medical or physical problems.

Anxiety Management

  • Various studies have shown that delta-8 THC has anxiety-reducing properties similar to that of delta-9 THC. In addition to this, delta-8 THC offers a very calm and focused high without any anxiety symptoms that are commonly associated with CBD and delta-9 THC usage.

Anti-Nauseant Capabilities

  • Multiple experiments have shown delta-8 THC can be really effective for combating nausea because of its nausea-fighting abilities. The study followed pediatric cancer patients for a period and time and it showed that the patients that were given delta-8 THC experienced no vomiting even after receiving the cancer treatment.

Side Effects of Delta-8 THC

  • In contrast to these benefits, various researches and studies have also shown that consumption of delta-8 THC can also have some side effects on the human body. Some of the most common side effects that have been linked with delta-8 THC usage are described below;

Dry Mouth and Eyes

  • Delta-8 usage can cause temporary dry mouth. This condition can last as long as the compound is present in the human body. However, it is important to note that dry mouth is not caused by dehydration rather it is caused by the drug’s effects on the salivary glands.

In addition to dry mouth, delta-8 can also cause your eyes to feel dry. This dryness can lead to your eyes becoming red and in some cases, it can also cause discomfort because of a lack of moisture.


  • Some people have also exhibited signs of grogginess after consuming large quantities of delta-8 THC. This can be accompanied by other problems like fatigue, brain fog, and lightheadedness. These side effects stay for a certain amount of time depending on the quantity in which the delta-8 THC was consumed.


  • After going through all the benefits and side effects that are caused by delta-8 THC consumption, we can conclude that delta-8 consumption does more good than harm. All the side effects that are caused by delta-8 only last for a short period of time and with the right dosage and usage, these side effects can be managed and reduced. In addition to this, delta-8 THC is a great treatment for a series of diseases and it also allows you to manage and in some cases relieve the pain that can be caused by a variety of injuries or other joint and muscle problems.


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