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Where Has Delta 8 THC Come From? Understanding the History

delta 8 thcHere is a brief history of Delta 8 THC for beginners

Delta 8 THC has only grown in popularity in the last couple of years and lots of people are now integrating Delta 8 THC into their daily routines.

THC is an active compound in Marijuana and it makes you feel high. Marijuana is also known as cannabis. It is called hemp. CBD, cannabidiol is a well-known product that hemp plants produce. Hemp plants can also produce Delta 8 THC, but this information is not known to many.

Delta 8 THC has the potential to make you feel high. Researchers have worked a lot on the origin and history of Delta 8 THC as well as on the effects it produces. However, the majority of the experiments were done on mice and not on humans.

Let us explore the history of Delta 8 THC to understand it better.

History of Delta 8 THC

  • Delta 8 THC can already be found in marijuana plants in trace amounts. More Delta 8 THC can be produced as a product of the process of oxidation. This occurs when Delta 9 THC is exposed to oxygen for some time.
  • The research on Delta 8 THC started with experiments on mice. Back in 1974, researchers used a trio of cannabinoids on mice. These included: Delta 8 THC, Delta 9, and CBD. It was found that Delta 8 THC harmed the immune system of the mice. Further research was done and it was found that Delta 8 THC could kill cancers.
  • In 1975, further research proved that Delta 8 THC could shrink tumors. This experiment was, however, done on rats. At the same time, it was found that Lewis lung adenocarcinoma growth was decreased by an oral administration of a few specific cannabinoids which included Delta 8 THC, Delta 9, and CBD. This research continued for ten days with varying quantities of each THC structure, out of the four, it was discovered that Delta 8 THC had the highest effect on tumors. After this research, a lot of stigmas attached to Delta 8 THC were dissipated.
  • Delta 8 THC research in the 1990s was done on humans. In 1995, Delta 8 THC experimentation was done on children with cancer to cure nausea caused by the chemotherapy. Scientists, during this research,  found some positive impacts of Delta 8 THC on children suffering from cancer.
  • It was found that Delta 8 THC also helped with cancer-related symptoms. The most interesting and impressive thing during the research was that it produced 100 percent success results. This also suggested that Delta 8 THC will help treat several other similar illnesses.
  • Apart from treating cancer and related symptoms, researchers also found that Delta 8 THC had the potential to cure other illnesses as well. It helped produce a neurotransmitter known as Acetylcholine which is responsible for cognition, memory, neuroplasticity, and arousal.

Research in the 2000s was conducted using mice and highlighted how Delta 8 THC increased appetite in mice. Moreover, it was found that it did not produce anxiety over the mice that were given Delta 9 THC. Fast forward to 2018, research was conducted and published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. It was discovered that Delta 8 THC helped in diminishing pain and inflammation in corneal injury in mice.

There has been limited research on delta 8 THC. Further research is needed so that more is known about it. If you are interested in Delta 8 THC, do not forget to visit Delta 8 THC shop. It is the best choice you will ever make.

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