key facts about hhc

10 Key Facts About HHC (Part 1)

facts about HHC

Here is the list of very informitive facts about HHC for begginers

Lesser-known compounds are most often overshadowed by ultra-popular compounds. So is the case with HHC. HHC which was first discovered in 1944 by Roger Adams has recently stimulated the interest of cannabis enthusiasts and consumers. In this article, we will walk you through some key facts about HHC, its shelf life, synthesis, and more.

HHC Exists In Diverse Forms

  • HHC or hexahydrocannabinol exists in several derivative forms of THC. The diverse forms of HHC are mostly similar but a slight difference exists in their molecular structure. HHC is naturally present in trace amounts in the cannabis and hemp plants. But the amount is not sufficient to extract and distill it into a separate product.

HHC is a semi-synthetic compound that is formulated by changing the chemical structure of naturally occurring cannabinoids. Those who have tried HHC may find it similar to delta 8 but it has less potent effects than delta 8 THC.

HHC Is Synthesized From CBD And THC

  • Some cannabinoids can be converted into HHC through alterations in their molecular structures. For instance conversion of CBD to HHC is done by using chemical reagents that are thoroughly washed from the end product. A metal catalyst such as white metal is sometimes used as a catalyst to accelerate the process without affecting the cannabinoid.

These metals are expensive which is the reason behind the high cost of HHC in the market. During the process of hydrogenation, hydrogen bonds are inserted into the structure of cannabinoids to make them stable. This process increases the longevity of HHC and makes it less susceptible to light, heat, and oxidation.

The Shelf Life Of HHC Is Longer

  • HHC is a more stable cannabinoid compared to its counterparts. It has a longer shelf life and therefore it rarely deteriorates. Its potency will remain unaltered even after years.

The double bond isomers in its structures make it harder to cause its deterioration. This is largely due to the intentional changes that are made in its structure during the process of hydrogenation.

Storage Conditions

Cannabinoids should be stored under specific conditions to prevent spoilage and to prolong their shelf life.

  • Light can speed up the process of oxidation so it’s better to avoid keeping it in the sunlight.
  • Keep your containers airtight because oxygen can destroy cannabinoids.
  • Store your HHC at room temperature to prevent heat damage.

HHC May Not Appear On Blood Test

  • It is widely believed that HHC does not leave behind THC metabolites in the blood that show up on a drug test. This is backed up by research that suggests synthetic cannabis compounds are difficult to detect using regular drug screening. In addition, the metabolites of HHC are different than the regular cannabinoids thus making the detection of HHC a bit more challenging.

However, more evidence is needed to make solid claims since it shares a molecular structure that is quite close to THC. It is better to wait for the knowledge to uncover itself.

Where To Buy HHC?

Currently, there are only a handful of brands that manufacture and sell HHC. If you are looking for some legit HHC products, go with trusted brands like The Delta 8 Shop. We offer tested products that are extracted most efficiently and naturally. Our line of HHC cartridges and vape offers plenty of options for you to try. Give us a call at 317-941-5361 for more queries.

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