fun ways to use delta 8 thc

6 Super Fun Ways to Use Delta 8 THC (Part 1)

Find your favorite options and fun ways to use delta 8 THC

Delta 8 is the most popular cannabinoid that has a perfect balance of effects somewhere between the mildness of CBD and the high of Delta 9 THC. The multitude of benefits, reasonable price, and unique high make it an ideal choice for the users. This cropped up the large variety of ways to consumed delta 8 THC.

Different Ways To Consume Delta-8

  • There is no right or wrong way of using delta, however, there are several true and tried methods of experiencing delta 8 THC. 

But the best choice for you comes down to the following factors:

  • How quickly you want to feel the effects
  • How long do you want the effects to last
  • Type of effects
  • Personal preference

Finding something that you enjoy that also fits your needs is a great way to experience the remarkable effects of delta 8. If you are still not sure where to start here is a guide to different ways of consuming delta 8 concentrates.

Smoke Your Delta 8

  • Smoking has been a common method of using cannabis in many cultures across multiple continents since ancient history. This practice was developed around religious ceremonies and medical treatments. It later became popular for recreational purposes. Whatever your purpose and desire of smoking delta 8 may be, there is a variety of options available to smoke. 

Highly powerful types of legal buds for smoking are created by drenching potent hemp flowers with the delta 8 concentrates. Try different strains to find out what you are comfortable with.

Delta-8 Flower

  • Smoking delta 8 flowers is a classic way to consume delta 8 THC. Delta 8 flowers are derived from hemp and contain about 0.3% or less delta 9 THC. 

A variety of flower strains are sold by different brands that are sure to work for you if you are looking to start a long day. Some of the popular flower strains include:

White CBG

  • Known for its uplifting euphoria, white CBG is a hybrid strain of delta 8 and CBG. It consists of approximately 14% delta 8 THC and 9% CBG. It is perfect for daytime tasks as it increases focus and energy.

Suver Haze

  • Suver haze is a highly potent strain with little to no seeds. It contains 20% CBD and about half the amount of delta 8 THC. It promotes a potent entourage effect.

Hawaiian Haze

  • Containing 11% CBD and 18% delta 8, it is also considered ideal for daytime use.

Apply Topically

  • Delta 8 concentrates can also be applied topically to experience the same potent effects. Delta 8 topicals are ideal for individuals with debilitating joint aches. It relieves pain within just a few minutes of rubbing the topical directly on the affected area. 

Delta 8 topicals are available in many forms including, creams, lotions, salves, and lip balms. They not only provide general relief and relaxation but also moisturize and protect your skin.

Swallow Your Delta 8

  • There are plenty of users that enjoy the strong flavors of delta 8 edibles much more than smoking or vaping. While others simply want to take their hemp dose quickly and have it over with. Cannabis manufacturers have a solution for this as well. Delta 8 soft gel capsules are a convenient and hassle-free way to get high. 

These capsules contain delta 8 distillate and are flavorless. In addition, the soft gel capsules are easier to swallow and do not consist of fillers or flavors. If you are someone who wants to take the delta 8 dose and move on with the day this is an ideal option for you.

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