Gummy Bears Delta 500mg-20 Gummies

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Gummy Bears Yes Please,  Each bottle has 400mg of delta 8 and has 16 gummies at 25mg of delta 8 each.

Additional Information:

  • 25mg Delta 8 THC per bear
  • Flavors: cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, orange, green, lemon, and lime
  • Contains no delta 9 THC
  • Made in the USA
  • Formulated with hemp-derived Delta 8 and CBD extract
  • Third-party lab tested


Injoy Extract delta 8  gummy bears come in five different flavors.  Our proprietary infusion method allows for accurate dosing and superior flavor.  We guarantee these will be the best delta 8 gummy bears you have ever tasted.


Ingredients: Corn syrup (from corn), sugar (from beets), water, gelatin, citric acid, artificial flavor, lactic acid, pectin (derived from fruits), fD&C yellow #5, titanium dioxide (color), FD&C red #40, hemp derived delta 8 THC

Dosing Delta 8 Edibles

The average delta 8 edibles dose is 10-40 mg, but can vary wildly on a per person basis. There are individuals who only need 1-5 mg and those that need hundreds of mg. Additionally, there are those who don’t feel delta 8 at all when taken orally. Unless you already have experience with delta 9 edibles, you should plan on it taking a few attempts/days to find the perfect dose of delta 8 edibles for you. It’s always recommended to start lower than what you think you need and take more only if you know you need it. Remember: you can always take more, but you can’t “untake” and edible.

Delta 8 Edibles vs Delta 9 Edibles Dosing

While the average consumer reports Delta 8 as less potent than Delta 9 when vaped, the same is not as true with edibles. Reporting varies, but for individuals experienced with delta 9 edibles, they generally report a dose comparison of anywhere between 0.5:1-1.25:1 delta 8 to delta 9 potency. That means some users find delta 8 to be half as potent as delta 9 while others find delta 8 edibles to be more potent than delta 9 edibles.

Can I Overdose on Delta 8 Edibles?

While delta 8 edibles have not been shown to have a lethal dose, that doesnt mean you should be careless when dosing. Always start low and increase your dose only if you know you need more. When dosed correctly, delta 8 edibles generally have fewer feelings of anxiety and paranoia compared to delta 9. However, just like with Delta 9 edibles, you can overdo it and experience similar negative side effects such as panic attacks, rapid heart rate, and extreme paranoia.

How Quickly Do Delta 8 Edibles Begin Working?

Onset of effects can vary depending on the edible and the type of delta 8 oil product used. Water soluble delta 8 products, especially ones meant for absorption sublingually through the mucous membranes of the mouth, tend to act faster than products that use an oil soluble form of delta 8. You may begin feeling the effects of some (not all) water soluble products as quickly as 5-10 minutes after consumption, while oil soluble products typically take 30-60 minutes to feel first effects. Users of sublingually-absorbed water soluble products typically report a shorter duration of effects compared to oil soluble products. However all styles of edibles are slower acting than vape products, but with a longer overall duration of effects.

How Long Do The Effects of Delta 8 Edibles Last?

Duration of effects from delta 8 edibles vary based on the user and type of product consumed, but in general, water soluble delta 8 products tend to have shorter lasting effects than oil soluble products. Water soluble products may last 2-6 hours, while oil based can last 4-12 hours. In some cases, especially where users took more than the average 10-40 mg, effects have been know to last even longer.

What is the Shelf Life of Delta 8 Edibles?

Shelf life of delta 8 edibles depends on the products. For bakery type goods (cookies, brownies, cereal treats) we typically recommend consuming with 6 weeks of the date of production. Sealed gummies and tinctures will last over a year. In general, refrigeration is your friend and the cooler you keep your edibles, the longer they will last. Once opened bakery goods should be eaten within a day or two and gummies should be consumed within a few weeks. While the gummies may not spoil in that time period, they may lose moisture that will dry them out and make them less delicious than normal. For anything resealable, like gummies and tinctures, it’s very important to avoid contamination as much as possible as this can reduce shelf life through the introduction of foreign matter and bacteria. For example, do not touch the pipette from a tincture to your mouth before placing it back in the bottle.

Delta 8 Edibles Best Practices

Check with your doctor

Delta 8 can increase heart rate, interfere with medications, and do other things that warrant consulting with your doctor first about use. If you have any health conditions, psychological conditions, allergies, take any medications, or anything else that could cause an issue with you consuming delta 8, you absolutely should not skip this step.

Start low

When eating delta 8 edibles start at the serving size recommendations on the packaging or lower first.

Wait for effects

Edibles can take up to 1-4 hours before reaching their peak effect. It’s a best practice to wait for the effects to kick in before eating additional amounts.

Take on a full stomach or eat food within an hour of consuming

As with most things delta 8, this varies per person. Some individuals do better taking delta 8 edibles after a meal, while others find eating them on an empty stomach and then eating 30-60 minutes after works best for them. If youre finding delta 8 effects are mild or underwhelming, it’s sometimes possible that change the timing of your food intake can help realize the full effects of delta 8 without having to increase the dose.

Drink Lots of Water

Delta 8 seems to dehydrate individuals and if you don’t stay fully hydrated it is very common for delta 8 users to experience headaches.

Don’t Drive or Operate Machinery

While most users report feeling much more clearheaded while using delta 8 versus delta 9, it is still intoxicating and should not be used when doing anything where you could potentially injure yourself or others.

Storing your products

With food related edibles, do not store above room temperature or in a humid environment as they may melt. For some products, refrigeration is recommended.

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