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A Guide To HHC Consumption – Dosage, Strength, Uses

For beginners, here is a comprehensive guide to HHC consumption – dosage, strength, and uses

Roger Adams first discovered HHC in 1944. HHC was created by the addition of hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC using the process of hydrogenation. As the popularity of HHC is rising people are interested in finding out the right dosage of this compound. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to HHC dosages and influencing factors.

Consumption Of HHC

  • Most people turn to cannabinoids because of the healing and recreational benefits that they provide. Consuming the right amount is the key to experiencing the optimal benefits. Users will feel too intoxicated when too much of the compound is consumed. On the other hand, consuming too little will make you miss out on the euphoric effects that HHC and other cannabinoids have to offer. 

However, it should be kept in mind that there is no universal dosage for HHC that works for all. Trial and testing are the only ways to find out the optimal dose of HHC.

Dosage Vs.Strength

  • Dosage and strength of HHC are the two factors that should be taken into account when deciding the amount of HHC you wish to consume.


  • The term dosage refers to the quantity of the product being consumed. For example, 2 gummies, a dropper of HHC tincture, or 2 puffs of a vape are the specific dosages of HHC.


  • The milligram strength of a cannabinoid is as important as the dosage. For instance, 25 mg or 1000 mg is referred to as the strength of a particular cannabinoid.

HHC Dosage Guide

Like other cannabinoids, the optimal dosage of HHC depends on the individual’s tolerance level.

Starting Dose

  • Beginner doses usually range from 5mg-12mg of HHC per serving. Low potency HHC products are a great starting place for beginners with low tolerance levels.

Intermediate Dosing

  • Occasional users should try HHC products with a medium potency range between 12mg-30mg per serving. This is a manageable dose for those who have some experience with cannabis products. This is a steady dose that is good for physical and mental lifts. 

Advanced Dosing

  • Habitual users develop a high tolerance for HHC. Small dosages do not work for them. Therefore, products that provide HHC somewhere between 30mg-60mg+ per serving work well for daily users. But these doses are only suitable for experienced users with a high tolerance for HHC products. 

The dosing rules apply to all HHC products including HHC tinctures and HHC vapes. But it should be kept in mind that HHC gives a stronger high as compared to regular delta 9. So try a little amount and increase gradually until you feel the desired effects.

Time Taken By HHC To Kick In

hhc consumption
  • It is important to note that the duration and intensity of effects can vary from product to product. For instance, when vaped HHC will take about 20 minutes to kick in. 

But when HHC is ingested in the form of tinctures or gummies it takes 1 hour to show effects. It is advisable to wait for at least 2 hours before ingesting more HHC.

HHC Dosage Instructions

  • Most often the companies that make HHC products provide a chart with recommended cannabinoid dosages on the product packaging. This allows users to know the amount of product that should be taken in one sitting to obtain the average amount of HHC. 

The dosage chart is an important piece of information that should be followed when getting started. This is because the manufacturers know how much of their product needs to be consumed to feel the desired effects.

Factors That Influence HHC Dosage

The three main factors that play a vital role in determining the appropriate HHC dosage are:

Personal Preference

Personal preference is one of the most significant factors that influence your HHC dosage. Before you start using HHC, it is essential to consider the following:

Purpose Of Using HHC

  • If you are looking for a milder and more productive intoxicating experience, consuming HHC in smaller doses will be more beneficial. Cannabinoids are psychoactive substances that have substantial effects on the mind and body. It is, therefore, wise to use them responsibly.

In addition, the way you plan to spend your time after taking HHC also influences your dose. For example, if you want to spend the evening at home, an amount on the higher end will be okay. But if you plan to work after taking HHC, opting for a smaller dose would be wiser.

Consumption Methods

The consumption method refers to how HHC is delivered to the body. HHC can be commonly consumed by inhaling, ingesting, or by taking it sublingually. The method of consumption determines the bioavailability of HHC. 

Oral Intake

  • The lowest bioavailability is associated with oral ingestion of HHC. This is because HHC has to pass through the digestive system before it reaches the bloodstream. It takes some time before the effects of HHC kick in.

For example, when you take HHC gummy, you may not feel the effects right away. So give it some time before taking another gummy. This is because you don’t want the cannabinoids to hit all at once.


  • The easiest way to manage your HHC is through the inhalation of the product. Inhalation is associated with the highest bioavailability of any cannabinoid.

Vaping is the most popular inhalation method for taking HHC as it allows the maximum level of HHC to reach the bloodstream. Understanding how bioavailability works can help you modify the HHC dosage based on your consumption method.

Tolerance Level

  • Another factor that influences the HHC dosage is your tolerance to cannabinoids. New users will likely have a lower tolerance to HHC products. This means intense effects will be felt even at small doses. If you have some experience with cannabinoids, it will be easier for you to tolerate higher doses of HHC.

However, regular cannabinoid users will have a higher tolerance to HHC. They will require higher doses of HHC to feel the desired effects. On the other hand, new users should always start with the lowest possible dose and observe how it makes them feel. Tolerance levels can serve as the frame of reference that can help users to regulate their HHC dosage accordingly.

Start Slow

  • The ideal dose of HHC varies from person to person. It depends on tolerance level, consumption method, and preference. It is advisable to start slow and gradually adjust the dosage. It is also important to follow instructions on the HHC product.

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