can you buy delta 8 thc in illinois

Is Delta 8-THC Legal In Illinois? Where To Buy From

Is delta 8-THC legal in Illinois? Can you buy it here? Where can you buy it?

Illinois is located in its Midwestern region. It is the sixth-largest state in America in terms of population and the 25th largest in terms of area. The state of Illinois has the fifth largest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the entire country. The capital city of the state of Illinois is Springfield which is located in its central part. It is one of the major transport hubs in America. The state has also produced some of the greatest U.S presidents in American history like Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Ulysses S.Grant, and Ronald Reagan.

Marijuana Laws in Illinois

  • The use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes is legal in the state of Illinois. Illinois became the eleventh state in the U.S that legalized the recreational use of marijuana on the 1st of January, 2020. Illinois also became the first state in America to legalize the recreational sale of marijuana through an act in the state legislature. It is also estimated that Illinois generates somewhere between $2 to $4 billion annually from the recreational sale of marijuana and it also was the first state to expunge more than 700,000 police records that were related to marijuana possession and usage.

is delta 8-thc legal in illinois

Delta 8 THC Laws in Illinois

  • According to state law, the possession and use of Delta 8 THC are legal in Illinois. The state of Illinois passed an Industrial Hemp Act 505 ILCS 89/5 which legalized the possession and usage of all derivatives, isomers, and cannabinoids of hemp including all Delta 8 THC products.

In the aforementioned text, we have concluded that the use and possession of Delta 8 THC are legal in the state of Illinois which means that you can easily buy Delta 8 THC from our online store no matter where you live in Illinois. So, contact us today at  The Delta 8 Shop for all your delta 8 THC-related needs.

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