Blue Razz Delta 8 Shisha – 500mg D8


Blue Razz Delta 8 Shisha – 500mg D8


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Enjoy a Nice Smooth Hookah Draw with Mango Kush. Hookah by your self or with friends. This is the only way to smoke delta 8 bud. 

100 all natural hemp hookah shisha with 500mg of Delta 8 per jar. A delicious tobacco free blend of all natural flavoring and 500mg of potent Delta 8

Blue Raspberry, also called “Blue Razz,” is a potent hybrid marijuana strain believed to originate from a Raspberry Kush cross. While little is known about this mystery strain, it’s commonly found in cartridges and consumers say it produces easy-going effects that are uplifting and enjoyable. Blue Raspberry offers a sweet flavor profile with skunky undertones.