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DELTA8GO SLEEP SHOT D8 25mg and Melatonin

Introducing the Delta8Go Sleep Shot! Boasting 25 mg of Delta 8, 5 mg of Melatonin, and a sweet sugar-free strawberry flavor, each Sleep Shot gives your body the quick boost you need to catch some quality ZZZs. Thanks to innovative nanotechnology, the Delta 8 and melatonin are water-soluble… meaning you get up to 5x the system absorption and ½ the absorption time of an oil tincture. Drink one shot before bed to help promote restful sleep and encourage a healthy sleep cycle.



Be prepared, both CBD and Delta 8 have a naturally bitter flavor. When they’re in oil tinctures, they’re less intense and easier to mask with flavors. But when it comes to water-soluble products, the bitterness struggle is real. Just remember, it’s worth it to get quicker and better absorption.


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