White Widow Hybrid Live Resin D10/THCO/THCP Disposable 2g


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White Widow Live Resin Disposable 2g

White Widow Live Resin Disposable 2g is a 2 gram Hybrid that is a blend of Live Resin Delta 10 THC, THC-O and THCP along with delicious sweet spices and berries tasting terpenes.

This strain has a light cerebral invigoration that is known for having more uplifting properties, yet not too overwhelming. Also, this disposable device is draw activated so all you need to do is open the box and enjoy.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is the process of extracting cannabinoids from frozen Hemp plants. This results in more potent cannabinoids that include a better flavor, and are a lot closer to the original extract. Our Resin Series includes a unique blend of Hemp-derived cannabinoids that are extra flavorful due to the Live Resin extraction process.


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