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Kush Hemp Delta 8 Blunts are not some small roach joints but there is 4grams of premium hemp in this tin.

Our original handcrafted kush hemp blunts, made with a secret blend of our absolute best indoor now has an extra little D8 twist. Organic hemp flower and D8 Infused flower, dusted with high-end kief on the inside, leading to a uniquely rich flavor and outstanding effect. Each blunt (approximately one-gram) is hand packed, and wrapped in a 100{da574c1ff5c60736eab42af2e037a6682d088d52e494aef12931440f78d64d6f} hemp cone, ensuring that only hemp is being smoked. Our five-pack is packaged in a 100{da574c1ff5c60736eab42af2e037a6682d088d52e494aef12931440f78d64d6f} reusable or recyclable eco-friendly tin, with a reusable Boveda pack to ensure freshness for a very long time.

Kyle (Verified Owner)

First time trying Delta 8 blunts, great blunts, loved the packaging. From the moment it arrived I knew they’d be great blunts and I wasn’t wrong

Weight 3 oz
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