Lifter Premium Organic Delta 8 Flower 1/4oz, and 1oz


Lifter Premium Organic Delta 8 Flower 1/4oz, and 1oz



Lifter Premium Organic Delta 8 Flower

The Lifter Delta 8 Organic Hemp Flower is one of the best quality cannabis products available. It’s the perfect strain for day-time use. The energy it provides is smooth and natural, and it allows you to enjoy whatever you do with much more clarity. There are a lot of benefits to this strain, and it’s a perfect choice for so many different needs.
The Delta 8 Lifter is 100% organic and has been grown without pesticides or herbicides, making it a healthy option for cannabis consumers.

In addition to its practical daytime effects, it also features a citrusy and fruity taste with a hint of blueberry. Producing this strain is very meticulous– which makes the products consistent with their taste and benefits!

Eagle Moon Hemp soars above all other hemp producers. From soil to the oil, Eagle Moon Hemp is extremely proud to have cultivated one of the largest hemp farms and CBD extraction laboratories in the United States. Utilizing Israeli-made water filter systems and drip irrigation per Luna county policy, our hemp is controlled and perfected by us every step of the way, producing unparalleled innovative products!

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