Picasso’s Euphoria Blends Fruit Sour Punch Gummies – HHC, Delta-9, Delta-8, PHC, CBD, CBG – 25mg per Gummy


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Picasso’s Euphoria Blends Sour Punch Gummies – HHC, Delta-9, Delta-8, PHC, CBD, CBG – 25mg per Gummy

Oozing with the aroma of exotic mangoes, stress-killing, uplifting, the highest-grade distilled cannabis oils the market. Mellow Fellow’s NEW Picasso’s Euphoria Blend was specifically formulated to help you become the healthy, awesome and alive person you were born to be.

Picasso gummies are sure to add an extra pep in your step and are among the most affordable gourmet cannabis sour sweets available.

Our infused edibles are 100% vegan and bursting with real fruit juice. Sour Punch comes with a cocktail of tart flavors: Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Orange.

Produced  Mellow Fellow PhD chemists and pharmacists, carefully crafted with optimal ratios of cannabinoids to help you balance your endocannabinoid system and find your bliss. Take one gummy and you go right to your happy place. Each gummy contains a custom blend of HHC, Delta-9, Delta-8, PHC, CBD, and CBG to come and brighten up your day.

The HHC, Delta-9, Delta-8, PHC, CBD, and CBG combo pack a huge punch, so we recommend going slow and eating 1 gummy or a fraction of a gummy at a time.



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