differences between recreational and medicinal cannabis

3 Major Differences Between Recreational And Medicinal Cannabis?

Continue reading to learn the distinctions between recreational and medicinal cannabis so you can make an informed decision

In the U.S, medical and recreational cannabis are the two main classes of legal cannabis. Each class is sold in different stores with a separate legal status. Throughout history, marijuana has been used in several medicines and has recently become famous for its recreational uses. Regardless of the reason for consumption, it has numerous benefits. This article highlights the differences between the two categories of cannabis.

What Is Recreational Cannabis?

  • Recreational cannabis refers to the laws that allow adults to purchase cannabis without a doctor’s prescription. It is also known as adult-use cannabis and is treated as alcohol. The law allows anyone over the age of 21 to buy adult use or recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is legal in 19 states of America. It is known for its recreational and mind-altering effects. 

It contains a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has mood-boosting benefits. From mental health to spiritual well-being, THC variants, including delta 8 and delta 9 THC, can improve several aspects of a person’s life. Researchers have found that careful use of cannabis is associated with a healthy life.

What Is Medical Cannabis?

  • Medical cannabis refers to the cannabis prescribed by physicians to their patients to treat various medical conditions. Medical cannabis is generally the same product as recreational cannabis; however, it is consumed for medical purposes. Several states have legalized the medical use of cannabis.

Over 100 different cannabinoids are present in the marijuana plant, each with a different effect on the body. The main chemical used in medicines is delta 9 THC and CBD. Millions of patients are using cannabis to treat conditions like chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, nausea, and more.

Medical Vs. Recreational Cannabis

Let’s dig deeper to discover the differences between medical and recreational cannabis.

THC And CBD Levels

  • Medical and recreational cannabis mainly differ in their CBD and THC content. Recreational cannabis has a higher THC concentration and a lower CBD concentration. THC is responsible for making users high. 

For users interested in relieving chronic pain, medical cannabis is the better option because it has a higher CBD ratio. CBD can prove an excellent remedy for treating inflammation and anxiety. In addition, it has antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and antipsychotic properties.

Legal Issues

  • Another significant difference between medical and recreational marijuana is its legal status. Even though cannabis has been around for several years, recreational cannabis still faces legal restrictions. The use of recreational cannabis is accepted in some states and countries, yet many people still find it challenging to obtain. 

On the other hand, medical cannabis has been widely recognized for its medical benefits and is legal in several states. It is easily accessible as compared to recreational cannabis.


recreational and medicinal cannabis
  • There is a sharp contrast between the two categories of cannabis regarding quality. Although both undergo the same growing process, they differ in cultivation. In addition, the quality is dependent on the final purpose of the product. For instance, cannabis meant for medical use goes through a stricter and more controlled process to make it available for consumption. Medical-grade cannabis is usually grown indoors in a controlled environment. 

On the contrary, recreational cannabis can be grown either indoors or outdoors. It is ensured that the end product of medical-grade cannabis is safe for patient use. Therefore, it is closely monitored for issues like pesticide use. While both products are produced under standard conditions, more care is associated with the process involved in medical cannabis production.

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