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  1. Avatar Of Brittany

    I’ve had some D9 gummies (from a different reputable brand) and they tasted absolutely AWFUL. When I ordered these, I didn’t have my hopes high because I was assuming that maybe since D9 is stronger, they all had at least some of a “dirt” taste. When these came in, my goodness they tasted 100 times better than the other brand. These work perfectly and exactly how I anticipated. The shipping is the fastest out of anyone I’ve ordered from. You really can’t go wrong when ordering from here!

  2. Avatar Of Thomas Klara

    This certainly helps relieve my back and leg pains after 6 back surgeries

  3. Avatar Of Josh

    I was pleasantly surprised by how good these tasted. Each one was the perfect dosage for me as well. Will definitely purchase again

  4. Avatar Of Anonymous

    This is my first experience with Delta-10. It is a very clear-headed experience. Energetic, but helping dissolve stress all the same. Completely functional while using.

  5. Avatar Of Anonymous

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