THC-O Fruit Gummies 400mg

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THC-O Fruit Gummies.

These gummies are what you have been looking for they hit hard and is reported to comparable or better then medical marijuana.

Hemp-Derived THC-O-Acetate or otherwise known as “delta-8-acetate,” is a relatively new cannabinoid, and it’s known for delivering a higher potency than normal delta-9-THC or delta-8-THC, and its sedating and body-heavy effects as well as anecdotal spiritual effects.

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13 reviews for THC-O Fruit Gummies 400mg

Based on 13 reviews
  1. Avatar Of Millie Ruiz Wagner

    Taste good and works well.

  2. Avatar Of Molly
  3. Avatar Of Douglas J.
  4. Avatar Of Treveon S.

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