what is thc syrup

What Is THC Syrup And How To Use It?

Find out what is THC Syrup and how to use to it

The cannabis industry is one of the most creative and innovative industries. The cannabis market never stands still. New and interesting products pop up regularly. This article discusses the latest cannabis product, THC syrup.

What Exactly Is THC Syrup?

  • THC syrup is a liquid cannabis product that is made by infusing cannabis extracts with vegetable glycerine or coconut oil. It also contains added sugars or artificial sweeteners. It is the transformation of the potent THC into a liquid form. This liquid marijuana produces faster highs that last longer than a conventional edible. Thus making it a growingly popular cannabis product. 

THC syrup mimics the viscosity and sweetness of traditional cough syrup. It, however, lacks the medicine flavor. Since It are full of sweeteners, they should be enjoyed in moderation. THC syrups are often sold in dispensaries with clearly labeled THC content in milligrams.

Unique Characteristics Of THC Syrup

  • The high you get from the syrup is stronger and last longer than smoking a joint. Its experience is a whole lot similar to the experience with edibles.
  • The effects of the syrup kick in faster than the edibles. It takes less than 30 minutes for the effects to kick in. This makes it perfect for users who are looking for faster and stronger highs.
  • The best thing about the syrup is that it allows you to enjoy cannabis discretely. You can simply swallow THC syrup or add it to your favorite soda. It does not have an unpleasant smell.

Difference Between THC Lean And THC Syrup

  • Lean, also called Purple Drank, Purp, Texas Tea, etc. is a recreational drug beverage. It is prepared by mixing cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine with a soft drink. Codeine and promethazine cough syrup has risen to infamy because of the presence of opiates. Opiates in cough syrup are addictive and dangerous. 

Users began adding cannabis buds to syrup to prepare a product with even more powerful effects. This combination renders the users unable to stand up so they lean over, hence the name Lean. However, the syrup is completely different from lean as it does not contain any opiates. THC syrup is simply an alternative method of consuming marijuana.

How Is THC Created?

There are several ways in which THC syrups can be customized according to preference. A few essential steps involved in every homemade recipe are:

  • Weed is extracted from cannabis flowers and decarboxylated to convert the bud’s THC into THC. This is now ready for processing.
  • If you are using wax, oil, or another cannabis concentrate, skip the above step.
  • Combine water and sugar in equal parts to create a simple syrup. Bring this mixture to a boil. When the sugar dissolves, reduce the heat to medium-low.
  • Add the decarboxylated flower or cannabis extract to the syrup. Heat on medium-low flame for 30 minutes. Now reduce the heat.
  • For every three cups of liquid add 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerine.
  • Remove from heat after cooking for another five minutes on low heat.
  • Strain the liquid to remove any plant matter. Transfer the cannabis syrup to an airtight jar. The syrup is ready for use.

Uses Of THC Syrup

THC Syrup
  • This syrup can be used for treating various medical concerns. Pre-existing cannabis research indicates that THC syrup is effective in relieving pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, skin issues, nausea, insomnia, and more.

THC syrup is simply another way of consuming cannabis. There are no particular concerns related to the ingestion of THC syrup. Since it interacts with the body in the same way as regular THC products.

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